Enough Is Enough: Venetians Surround Cruise Ships In Mass Protest

Flares and a giant mob of boats surrounded several cruise ships trying to depart Venice, after Venetians took part in a mass protest, Sunday evening. 


Thousands of angry locals took to the water protesting against the giant cruise ships that continue to plow along the ancient Giudecca Canal, causing environmental damage and erosion to the fragile seabed and foundations of Venice.

Thomson Celebration, AIDAbella, Costa Deliziosa, MSC Orchestra, and Ocean Majesty were all targeted by protesters, delaying the ships by up to three hours. Crystal Esprit was also visiting Venice that day.

In addition to trying to ban cruise ships from entering Venice, the #NoGrandiNavi protest is also focusing on sustainable tourism, with aims to control the increasing traffic, pollution and tourist numbers.



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