TowelWizz: Your Must-Have Cruise Accessory

We’ve all experienced it and we’ve all failed…Trying to get a towel to stay on a sun lounger. No matter how you hang, tuck or fold your towel, it always seems to fall down or blow away. The problem is made worse when at sea on a cruise ship.

Thankfully though, a product called TowelWizz, is helping to make a day at sea or on the beach as relaxing as it should be.

The TowelWizz was created by Annette and her husband after becoming frustrated on holiday by continuously adjusting their towels and stopping them blowing away from their sun loungers.

The machine washable elasticated band is 18 inches long, meaning it can fit around most loungers and chairs. Apart from keeping your towel on your sun lounger, it also has many other practical uses. For instance, the TowelWizz will also help keep a rolled up towel in place, perfect for carrying around in your bag on shore excursions to the beach. Or how about wrapping it around your suitcase to easily stand out from the crowd at the airport baggage hall or cruise terminal! Not only can it do all that, but it can also keep your books and personal belongs like hats, lotion and glasses secured to your lounger. The uses are truly endless.

With a wide range of colours to choose from such as royal blue, polka-dot pink and aqua, the TowelWizz is not only practical, but looks great too.

You can purchase the TowelWizz online from just £4.99!

Disclaimer: Cruise Capital received three complimentary TowelWizz products to try out. All opinions expressed in this review are our own. To find out more about TowelWizz, visit



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