Top 3 Misconceptions People Have About Cruising

Never been on a cruise? Why not? It’s not as bad as you might think. Cruising is one of the best ways to explore the world and is excellent value for money. Still don’t believe me? Here are three common excuses people make for not wanting to take a cruise…and why these popular misconceptions about cruise holidays couldn’t be more wrong.


It’s for old people

When you picture life onboard a cruise ship, do you imagine rows of sunbeds filled with old people looking as weathered as the teak decking that lines the pool deck? Perhaps you feel everyone will be playing bingo, heading to bird-watching lectures or attending arts & craft sessions, followed by falling asleep in the afternoon, then taking to the dance floor for some ballroom dancing in the evening, before retiring to bed at 9 p.m.

Yes, it’s true. Some cruises are actually like that, but don’t let that stop you taking a cruise. From mega-ships with water slides, to boutique sailing yachts. There’s a cruise line out there that will appeal to absolutely everyone – and I mean it. There’s even special theme cruises for nudists, gay people, music lovers, and even Star Trek fans! It’s a great time to try your first cruise, as the cruise industry has never been so diverse.

It’s expensive

You don’t have to re-mortgage your house, or sell a car to be able to afford a cruise. Flicking through cruise brochures might get your eyes watering at first, once you spot that price is actually per person, but wait! Take a second. Think. Calculate all those added expenses you have to budget for on a typical week in the sun to Spain. Buying food, finding activities to do during the day, and entertaining yourself in the evening. It can start to add up. Oh, you’re all-inclusive are you? Well, does the buffet in the hotel you’re staying in offer prime-cuts of steak, lobster, and an excellent quality all-you-can-eat buffet that’s open almost 24 hours a day?

On a cruise, once the initial cruise fare is paid for, there’s relatively little else left for you to pay. No matter what cruise you go on, food is always included. Some cruise lines will also include all-inclusive drinks, and even if they don’t, most cruise lines have some sort of beverage package, which you can pay for to get unlimited drinks – and that’s actual branded drinks, not Koca-Kola or Dudweiser, you might get in a cheap land-based hotel!

The price of the cruise depends on which cruise line you go with. If you’re really going to get the most out of cruising, it’s important to choose the right cruise line for YOU. Don’t just pick the cheapest ones, if you want a really luxurious holiday. Similarly, don’t go booking with an ultra-luxury cruise line, if you-re looking for a fun-filled family holiday.

It’s boring

There’s plenty of activities to keep you occupied during the days at sea, and of course you also have the option of exploring the new destinations you arrive at most mornings, all without having to pack and unpack your bags! If you’re still not convinced a cruise is right for you, check out some of the features the latest stupendous ships have onboard.

  • Water slides
  • Ice-skating
  • Rock-climbing
  • Surf simulator
  • Sky-diving simulator
  • Bumper cars
  • Zip-line
  • Robotic bartenders
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Jamie’s Italian

So, hopefully by now, you’ve realised cruising is far more appealing than you may have originally believed. I’ll be back soon with a few more common misconceptions, along with a guide to help you find the best cruise line to suit you!

See you back On Deck soon!


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