SUITE DREAMS: Saga Sapphire

Suites – The ultimate cabins to have on board any cruise ship, but unfortunately, unobtainable for the majority of guests.

During our recent visit on board Saga Sapphire, a crew member kindly unlocked some of the largest suites on board for us to have a sneak peek at, before the next lucky guests would inhabit the cabin for the next 14-nights.

Cabin 10552

The first suite we visited was cabin 10552. It was one of the smallest suites in comparison to the others, but by no means was it small. The suite has a curved balcony overlooking the aft of the ship and looking down over the Verandah deck. On the balcony, you’ll find two chairs as well as foot stools, perfect for relaxing in the sun.


The bathroom features a sink, toilet, washing line, a walk in shower as well as a separate bathtub. Saga also provides plenty of body lotion, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner as well as a bar of soap and anti-bacterial hand wash.

Cabin 10553

Moving just next door, we toured cabin 10553. This suite was a slightly wider version of the previous cabin, featuring a twin bed configuration. Again, it featured a balcony overlooking the aft of the ship.

There are lots of personal and quirky touches in the cabins and throughout the ship. Unique lighting are a recurring theme on board. Even in the public lounges and corridors, you’ll find interesting lights and lampshades, such as these nautical rope lights and in cabin 10553, you’ll find this amazing ‘birdcage’ lampshade.

Cabin 10552

Moving next door yet again, cabin 10052, has the same layout as cabin 10552. Suite guests receive a complimentary bottle of champagne upon arrival, as well as complimentary copies of ‘The Times’ and the ‘Daily Mail’ newspaper. Butler service is also provided.

Cabin 10010 – Wellington Suite

Moving towards the front of the ship, but remaining on deck 10 is the next suite we ventured into. Cabin 10010, named the ‘Wellington Suite’, is the largest on board and includes its very own bar and whirlpool bath!

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The room features a living area with a large sofa as well as a bar with butler service. It also includes 2 bathrooms, a desk and two large wardrobes. Although this is the largest suite, it does not include a balcony.

Cabin 10008 – Bronte Suite

The final suite we visited was just next door to 10010. Cabin 10008, also known as the ‘Bronte Suite’ is another twin bed configuration, which similar to the Wellington Suite, features a bar and sitting area. The suite also features a dining table and a private bedroom with en-suite, featuring a shower.


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