Robotic Assistants Coming Soon To AIDA & Costa Ships

In an interesting development, both AIDA Cruises and Costa Cruises have announced that they will be trialing humanoid robots on their ships.

In a multi-million-dollar deal, ‘Pepper’ will begin roaming Costa Diadema and AIDAprima, assisting guests, from Spring 2016.

‘Pepper’ robots are designed to read, understand and react to human emotion.

These Robots have been developed in Japan and will be used primarily to assist and guide passengers on board and will also provide recommendations to restaurants on board the ships, and the robots will be able to converse in Italian, German and English.

This isn’t a new idea for the cruise industry as Royal Caribbean have already incorporated robotic bartenders on their Quantum-class ships, but this takes it to a new level of robotic technology on board cruise ships.

Just how successful will these robots will be remains to be seen, but it does show that modernisation within the cruise industry is continuing to develop.


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