Plymouth City Council To Contribute £5 million Towards New Cruise Terminal

Plymouth Harbour
Image: Flickr/Matthew Hutchinson

Plymouth City Council has promised to contribute £5 million of its capital budget towards a new cruise terminal for Plymouth.

The council will pay 60% of the cost for the proposed £8 million cruise terminal as part of a £266 million investment into the future of the city, which also includes a £5 million investment into Plymouth train station.

The new cruise terminal would be built at Millbay, and if the plans go ahead could welcome its first ship in 2020. The terminal would be multi-functional, and offer commercial and leisure options when there are no cruise ships in port.

Plymouth saw just six cruise calls in 2016, but if built, the city could see up to 50 cruise ship visits, injecting more than £15 million a year into the local economy. This year, no cruise ships are scheduled to visit the port. 




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