New Riviera Ships Christened In Amsterdam

Riviera Travel’s new river cruise ships, Thomas Hardy and Emily Brontë, have been christened in Amsterdam.

Christina Astill from Go-Cruise and Tracey Scales from Travel Counsellors officially christened the ships in their roles as the two Godmothers, following an exclusive competition for travel agents in the UK and Ireland to be given the esteemed titles.

Christina and Tracey were flown out to the christening ceremony in Amsterdam to carry out the time-honoured tradition of smashing champagne bottles against the ships’ hulls, before enjoying a three-course meal and entertainment on board one of the ships alongside Riviera Travel’s management team and other VIPS.

Both the Thomas Hardy and Emily Brontë adopt a unique yet exquisite blend of understated taste, style and elegance with restaurants rivalling the finest on shore fine-dining establishments. Each of the new ships can accommodate up to 169 passengers with 44 staff members.


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