NCL New-build Named Norwegian Joy

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced the new name for its newest ship which will be making a splash in the Chinese cruise market from summer 2017.

The new ship will be named Norwegian Joy, which translates into Chinese as 喜悦号 (Xǐ Yuè Hào). Norwegian Cruise Line has said that the name emphasizes the experience that the new ship will offer.

Frank Del Rio, Chief Executive Officer, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, said:

“After closely studying the Chinese cruise market for several years, we wanted to be clear about what we will deliver to our guests on this spectacular vessel. Norwegian Joy will provide the same sense of freedom and flexibility found on all Norwegian Cruise Line ships, but with resort-style vacation experiences and amenities designed specifically with the Chinese guest in mind.”

This latest announcement comes before additional details are released about the ship in the coming months, including the ship’s homeport, accommodation and the on board dining and entertainment experiences. Of course we all can’t wait to see what the hull art design on the ship will be!

As well as the name of the new-build ship, Norwegian Cruise Line has also revealed a new Chinese name and logo, designed exclusively for the Chinese market. The company’s name will be represented by characters 诺唯真 (Nuò Wéi Zhēn), translating as a ‘Promising, Exclusive and Authentic’ cruise line. The new name reflects the cruise line’s dedication to offering a leading cruise product in growing Chinese cruise market.

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