MSC Names New Ship As MSC Meraviglia Floated Out

MSC Cruises has announced the name of its upcoming cruise ship during the float out of its newest cruise ship, MSC Meraviglia.

The new cruise ship, to be named MSC Bellissima, is due to enter service in spring 2019.

Gianni Onorato, CEO of MSC Cruises commented: “MSC Bellissima is a name that embodies the beauty and the magnificence of this entire next generation of MSC Cruises ultramodern mega-ships, so rich with new features and amenities for guests of all ages and interests. We are so pleased to be able to make this announcement on the very day that her sister ship MSC Meraviglia is touched for the first time by water, a moment that symbolizes the real ‘birth’ of a ship.”

The float out of MSC Meraviglia marks a key milestone in the construction of the ship, which is scheduled to launch in June 2017. It will now enter its final stage of construction and the start of interior fitting.


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