Mother Of Olympian Has Luggage Blown Up By Cruise Ship Security

A mother of an American Olympian has had her luggage blown up by security staff aboard cruise ship Norwegian Getaway, currently being used as a floating hotel for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro.

According to The New York Times, after arriving late due to a cancelled flight, and missing onward connections, Cindy Lloyd, the mother of the United States volleyball player, Carli Lloyd, checked in at the cruise terminal along with other family members, and dropped their suitcases off, before rushing to see Carli’s first tournament.

When they returned a few hours later, the family boarded the ship, but Cindy was stopped by security, who took her into an interrogation room, where she learned that her bag had been destroyed.

She was told by the security team that her bag had been blown up, after two sniffer dogs had raised interest in her baggage. She was then shown a photo of her contents from the X-ray machine, where she was asked to identify some objects. She identified them as a spare mobile phone, a charger, and a shampoo bottle, but explained “maybe they thought it was something wired to a bottle, I suppose.”

Despite suspecting the luggage had a bomb in it, security had opened the suitcase and retrieved the spare mobile phone, but still went ahead and blew up the case. Cindy had flown on several flights down to Brazil and no issues were ever raised about the suitcase.

Norwegian Cruise Line has apologised to Cindy, provided her with sparkling wine and free meals onboard Norwegian Getaway and would reimburse her for the cost of replacing all the ruined items and would supply her with a new suitcase in time for travelling home.



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