Magellan Cruise Ship Review

On December 16, 2016, we boarded Cruise & Maritime Voyages Magellan in London Tilbury, along with several Cruise Capital competition winners, for a festive event hosted by ROL Cruise.

After a smooth check in process, we were soon on the ship, and it didn’t take long before we had been offered a complimentary glass of bubbly. We toured the ship, seeing various types of accommodations, before tucking in to a delicious four-course festive lunch, which included roast turkey, Christmas crackers, and a Baked Alaska parade! After enjoying the lovely food, we headed to the Magellan Show Lounge to witness the stunning entertainment offerings onboard Magellan. After the show, it was sadly time to disembark the ship. A ship visit with ROL Cruise is the perfect way to ‘try before you buy’, especially if you have never taken a cruise before.

Deck 5 is home to the lobby. The space features a striking central seating area, plus the reception, excursion, and future cruise sales desks.
The Mall is a long promenade which runs from the Captains Club, right along to the Jade Spa situated at the aft of Magellan. Along the walkway, several bars and amenities can be found, including the casino and internet cafe.
If your’re feeling lucky, then the spacious Casino Royale, situated close to the Captain’s Club, features a variety of slot machines and card tables. Magellan features an internet cafe, located along the Mall walkway. Featuring multiple desktop computers, the internet cafe gives guests the chance to stay connected while at sea. Several Wi-Fi hotspots can also be found throughout the ship.
The Nansen Card & Bridge Room is a dedicated venue for playing classic card games, as well as a selection of board games. The room also plays hosts to various arts and craft sessions that take place during cruises. Magellan (Cruise & Maritime Voyages CMV) With a grand, stately home feel, the intimate Livingstone Library, complete with mock-fireplace, is the perfect place to sit back and relax, reading one of the many displayed books.
The majority of accommodations aboard Magellan are very similarly designed. Therefore the only real differences between rooms are the location, and if it features a window. Some rooms are slightly larger than others, and the ship also offers dedicated solo cabins and wheelchair accessible cabins. Even the smallest cabins are spacious, compared to some other ships, and the decor is fairly modern in comparison to the rest of the ships in the Cruise & Maritime Voyages fleet. A selection of suites are situated on Deck 11, offering the only balconies that can be found aboard Magellan, although these are rather small compared to other cruise ships.
Kensington Restaurant (Amundsen Deck 8, mid)
The Kensington Restaurant is one of two main dining rooms aboard Magellan. The Kensignton has entrances from both the forward and midships staircases. The restaurant has a modern feel to it, with bright greenand white decor.
Waldorf Restaurant (Amundsen Deck 8, aft)
The Waldorf Restaurant is another main dining room on Magellan, which can only be accessed by the aft set of stairs. In complete contrast to the vibrant colours of the Kensignton, the Waldorf has a more traditional feel.
Raffles Bistro (Columbus Deck 10, mid)
The large, spacious Raffles Bistro, is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, serving a wide selection of hot and cold food. Individual food counters make it easy to find the exact food you desire, whether that’s soup and a bread roll, a traditional Sunday roast, or a selection of tempting desserts. Magellan‘s buffet also features a pizzeria and a specialty counter featuring themed dishes, such as Indian and Italian.
The Grill (Columbus Deck 10, mid)
Located by the main pool, and near Raffles Bistro, The Grill serves delicious burgers, hot dogs, and chicken, along with chips. It's the perfect place for a quick poolside snack.
Hampton’s Lounge Bar (Amundsen Deck 8, mid)
Hampton’s Lounge Bar is located outside the entrance to the Kensington Restaurant and is close to the Magellan Show Lounge. The proximity to these two main venues, makes Hampton’s the perfect place for a pre-dinner drink or pre-show cocktail. The lounge is also a great place to unwind during the day with plenty of seating and large, bay windows.
Captain's Club (Magellan Deck 9, mid)
The contemporary Captain’s Club lounge, on Deck 9, hosts wonderful musicians and entertainers. The shimmering LED ceiling lights, which seamlessly change colours, make this lively venue the place to be on an evening.
Sinatra's Lounge Bar (Magellan Deck 9, mid)
Inspired by the legendary singer, Sinatra’s Lounge Bar, is a glitzy venue serving great drinks, and home to a live pianist.
Taverner's Pub (Magellan Deck 9, mid)
A recent addition to Magellan, the Taverner's Pub replaces Scott's Nightclub. What was once an underused venue is now a busy social hub, with plenty of seating, a darts board, and of course, plenty of booze.
Eros Bar (Columbus Deck 10, mid)
The Eros Bar is located by the main pool, making this bar a popular spot for cocktails by the pool. Magellan (Cruise & Maritime Voyages CMV)
Lido Bar (Columbus Deck 10, mid)
The Lido Bar has both an indoor and outdoor section, but primarily serves drinks to those eating in the Raffles Bistro. The outdoor bar is used on warm days, serving those near the Lido Pool that overlooks the aft of the ship.
Neptune Observation Bar (Navigator Deck 11, aft)
Perched atop of the aft area of Deck 11, the Neptune Observation Bar offers stunning views over the aft terrace area of the ship. A outdoor stage, and sun deck is located nearby. Magellan (Cruise & Maritime Voyages CMV)
Magellan Show Lounge (Amundsen & Magellan Decks 8 & 9, fwd)
The spectacular two-deck-high Magellan Show Lounge, which can seat 800 guests, is capable of high quality production shows unlike any other ship in the CMV fleet. The large oval stage, enables ample space for singers and dancers to perform together. A movie projector, also makes it possible for feature-length films to be shown, as well as cooking demonstrations on longer cruises.
Captain's Club (Magellan Deck 9, mid)
The Captain’s Club lounge, on Deck 9, is the main evening venue aboard the ship, home to musicians, game shows, and a late-night disco.
Jade Spa (Magellan Deck 9, aft)
The large Jade Spa, located at the aft end of deck 9 is a haven for beauty treatments and ultimate relaxation! An extensive hair salon is perfect for those final preparations for the glamorous formal nights on board. Several rooms offering various massages and treatments are available. A thermal suite offers a sauna, two steam rooms, and a relaxation room.
Gym (Navigator Deck 11, mid)
A gym is situated on Deck 11 and features a range of exercise equipment, such as treadmills, weights, and yoga mats.
Sun Terrace (Magellan Deck 9, aft)
At the aft of Magellan, on Deck 9, is a peaceful sun terrace, with comfortable seating, and a feature garden. Magellan has two main pools, both on Columbus Deck 10, along with two whirlpools at the aft on Deck 10, and one at the forward end of Sun Deck 12.



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