Hamburg Returns To Service After Extensive Repairs

Plantours Kreuzfahrten‘s Hamburg has returned to service after spending over two months receiving extensive repairs.

The German cruise line was forced to charter the 600-passenger Deutschland, after their 420-passenger ship developed a propulsion issue off the coast of Kent, when a fishing line became tangled in the propellers. A few days later, Hamburg had to enter drydock after it became grounded due to strong crosswinds on its way from Dublin to Tobermory on the Isle of Mull in Scotland.

Deutschland successfully carried 13,200 satisfied passengers over 2,200 nautical miles in the 62 days operating for Plantours.

Both ships were docked in Kiel on Monday, as the Deutschland disembarked guests for the final time. Hamburg will now depart on a 12-night cruise to the Baltic and North Sea.

FEATURED IMAGE: Plantours Kreuzfahrten


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