Grand Princess Returns To Hawaii After Suffering Damage

Princess Cruises’ Grand Princess is returning to Honolulu after sustaining damage to the starboard side tender platform door during the night. 

Robert Lankford, a passenger currently onboard the ship, told Cruise Capital that the Captain informed passengers of the damage shortly before 10 a.m. on Saturday, and explained the ship would be returning to the Hawaiian Island to assess the damage in more detail.

“Due to the damage they have made the decision to turn the vessel around and return to Honolulu in the Hawaiian Islands. Our expected arrival time is 7 p.m local time on Monday.”

The ship was enroute to Ensenada in Mexico, after leaving Maui on December 1. 

Princess Cruises confirmed the incident and released a statement, which read:

While at sea after departing from Maui, a tender platform on the starboard side of Grand Princess opened. The platform sustained damage, such that it could not be closed. Although the platform is not part of the watertight integrity of the vessel, as a result of it opening, the hull sustained minor localized damage which has been secured. The Captain has confirmed that the ship is safe and secure and he is communicating updates to guests on a regular basis. The ship is now returning to Honolulu in order to initiate a repair.”

Grand Princess is currently on a 15-day Hawaiian Islands itinerary that departed San Francisco on November 23.

The cruise will be cut short early, and Princess Cruises will be making arrangements for guests to fly back to San Francisco. All guests will receive a refund of 50% of their cruise fare and a future cruise credit equal to the same amount. 


  1. My daughter, parents and nieces are on that ship. From what I understand; they are flying everyone home from Honolulu with no choice to ride the ship back. Funny that this was a cruise to make up for exactly a year ago when this same ship had an issue and they didn’t get any Hawaii ports. This ship has a lot of issues…

  2. Not to worry. Everything was fine. We were on the boat and it was perfectly safe. The crew did an outstanding job as always and obviously as I write this from my home, we returned home safely (as did all others). Although some folks were upset all of the people Wesaw and talked to were very happy with the crew performance and the extra day or two in Honolulu. It was fun despite this “minor” issue. We have complete faith in the Grand Princess and her crew as well as Prince Cruise as a company.


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