Fathom Announces Ports Of Call For Cuba Sailings

Fathom, Carnival Corporation’s latest travel brand, specialising in social impact travel, has announced the ports of call for their 7-night sailings to Cuba.

The brand will operate P&O Cruises 700-passenger Adonia on 7-night sailings from Miami to 3 ports of call in Cuba; Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba. Travellers will not only get to explore amazing destinations, but also to the ability to experience local culture, with excursions which focus on supporting cultural exchange and economic development.

Tara Russell, president of Fathom, commented:

“Cuba is a magnetic, beautiful country with tremendous opportunity for the Cuban people and for Fathom travelers to immerse, learn, grow and flourish through educational and cultural exchange experiences that we will offer. Fathom travelers will have the chance to interact, one-on-one, with artists, musicians, small business owners, health workers and others to learn about all aspects of Cuban society and to connect and share insights and stories, leading to further progress for the Cuban people.”


Adonia will spend two days in Havana, where guests can immerse themselves in the local culture. Excursions will include a city walking tour, led by a preservationist expert; an Afro-Cuban community meeting; and the chance to visit Las Terrazas, a self-sustaining community and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The third day of the sailing will be a cultural immersion at sea, where guests will learn about the history of Cuba.

Adonia will arrive in Cienfuegos on day 4 of the sailing, where travellers will visit a local school, as well as the chance to enjoy a choral performance and discussion with the Choir of Cienfuegos.

The ship will then visit Santiago de Cuba. Activities include the chance to explore the culture known for rum and cigars, as well as the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Cuban lunch.

The ship will then head back to Miami with one further day at sea.

Fathom aims to begin sailing in May 2016, after having been given approval by the U.S authorities to visit Cuba back in June 2015.


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