Ever Received A Suspicious Looking Email From Royal Caribbean? 

I receive tons of cruise emails every day, but this one email ‘from’ Royal Caribbean stood out from the rest.
It caught my attention for all the wrong reasons. It was regarding my cruise on Harmony of the Seas and the email wanted me to click a link to acknowledge receipt that I had read it. 

I immediately analysed the email with caution. With no corporate branding or personal details relating to me other than the fact that they knew I would be sailing on Harmony of the Seas, I was almost certain that this was some sort of scam email.

Upon further investigation, it actually turns out that these emails, sent from an external company called Everbridge.net, are in fact totally genuine. 

The company sends out any important information regarding your cruise, such as a change in the check-in time, a change of itinerary and lots of other important issues. 

But for one of the largest cruise lines in the world, surely these important email notifications should contain some form of professional branding and identifiable information such as the booking reference or at very least your name?

Have you ever received one of these emails? What were your first thoughts? 


  1. We received one of these emails yesterday and equally suspicious. I would never click on a link from an unrecognised email and still don’t intend to, even though it seems it may be genuine, though very poor practice from Royal Caribbean.
    I’ve attempted to contact Royal Caribbean via their Contact form (broken) and via Twitter (no response). Currently searching the web for an email address for them when I came across this post.


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