Essential Apps For Every Cruise Enthusiast

If you’re an avid fan of cruises, you know that the whole picture is not just about the priceless sights and experiences which you encounter during your trips. A large portion of your time goes into preparation, info gathering, and accumulating funds to make sure that you avoid any hassles and mishaps as much as possible along the way.

With the help of apps, the processes can become easier and faster, not to mention that you can expand your circle of friends or get info you need, on the spot.

With that in mind, consider using the following apps to enhance your experience before, during and after every cruise.

Cruise Critic

The Cruise Critic Forums app is a great avenue to meet people all over the world who have the same passion for cruises as you do. A Cruise Critic post mentioned that the app is not only ideal to get in touch with fellow cruiser fanatics, but you can also book group excursions or set sail away soirees and more.

Of course, as it’s a forum, it also gives users the opportunity to ask questions as well about any relevant topic. What’s neat is that the app sends an alert if someone replies.

Carnival Hub

Carnival Hub is a cruise company app. This one’s among the most popular ones though, and it has a myriad of useful features if you’re sailing on a Carnival cruise ship.

Cruise Radio highlighted the reasons why you should get the app. Aside from its countdown feature, you can check onboard events, ship maps, available dining options and even your bill.


Through ShipMate, you can find out where a certain ship is currently sailing or if it’s docked. Details about different ports can be accessed, saving you a lot of time doing multiple searches separately. There’s also a User Gallery where users can post their photos.

Cruise Deals

Cruise Deals gives you the chance to pick the best options from various cruise liners. You simply choose a port and the app will show the different companies, itineraries, price differences and costs of the cruises.

Mobile Passport

Some ports accept Mobile Passport, which eliminates the need to fill out official forms, resulting in a more efficient and convenient means to disembark. Note, however, that it only works if you have a passport.

Why go mobile?

Although it’s great to disconnect while on a cruise, it’s hard to deny that mobile technologies help counter travel barriers. And an example of a basic, but important function is communication. Because you’re going to be away on a cruise for days, or even weeks, staying in touch with loved ones is crucial.

This is also where mobile versions of social media come in handy, as they provide a quick method of reaching family and friends. Even innovative platforms such as entertainment portal BGT Games have begun integrating social media channels into its lineup of thematic game titles. Facebook itself also has all sorts of games which you can enjoy as you connect with friends and family while away if you’re missing home. Whether you’re currently in the middle of the ocean on a cruise ship or inland, mobile devices are considered necessities nowadays.

Moreover, how else would you share the breathtaking views and memorable moments as they happen if you haven’t got access to social media? Mobile photo and video apps such as these are all the more practical during cruises.

That being said, the essential apps listed above are great additions to make your cruise adventures more convenient. Have you tried any other cruise apps, which you recommend? Let us know in the comments section below.

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