Emerald Waterways Adds 17 New EmeraldACTIVE Excursions To 2018 Itineraries

Emerald Waterways will be adding 17 new EmeraldACTIVE excursions to its 2018 river cruise itineraries.

The river cruise line is giving guests even more opportunities to enjoy unique experiences through the most beautiful regions of Europe.

Complementing the relaxing and rewarding river cruise experiences provided by Emerald Waterways itineraries, the EmeraldACTIVE excursions give guests the chance to stretch their legs and immerse themselves in local cultures. 

New cycling tours have been added to select itineraries, giving guests a unique perspective of charming towns such as Berkanstel, Arnhem, Hoorn and Andernach. This is ideal for guests looking to experience quaint old towns and cities of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium as a local.

Further to the cycling tours, guided hikes will take guests through some of the most staggering regions of the continent, from sun-drenched vineyards to rolling meadows. Hikes through Tournon, France and to Castle Hill, Budapest can provide beautiful views and experiences across the continent.  

At least one EmeraldACTIVE excursion is available on-board every Emerald Waterways itinerary,  and are included in the price of Emerald Waterways river cruises. 


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