Crystal Esprit Rescues Three Children And Nine Adults From Damaged Catamaran

Crystal Esprit (Crystal Yacht Cruises)

Crystal Esprit, Crystal Cruises’ luxury cruising yacht, conducted a rescue at sea yesterday, after responding to a distress call in the Seychelles Islands.

Crystal Esprit rescued 12 French nationals – three children and nine adults. The group’s catamaran was dragged from its mooring buoy and ran aground close to shore.

The area was experiencing extremely inclement weather yesterday, causing fatal damage to the catamaran which the group ultimately had to abandon.

Crystal Esprit Rescue (February 2017)
Image: Crystal Cruises

The crew aboard Crystal Esprit, along with the Seychelles Coast Guard, operated in darkness, heavy rain and high swell. They efficiently carried out the operation, safely transferring the group onto a Zodiac and the yacht before they were relocated to land.

The rescued passengers from the catamaran were transferred to Praslin Island. Crystal Esprit departed as planned this morning, heading for Aride Island.


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