Crystal Cruises Saves SS United States

Image: Crystal Cruises)

America’s flagship ocean liner, the SS United States has been saved by luxury travel group, Crystal Cruises, who aim to restore the ship to its former glory and offer cruises from New York and other ports around the world.

As part of the estimated $600 million restoration, the ship will adhere to modern-day safety and environmental standards. Nicknamed ‘The Big U’, the ship will receive updated venues and staterooms, similar to Crystal Cruises’ vessels, but will retain her iconic funnels.

The ship will carry 800-guests in luxurious surroundings, inspired by the bygone era of transatlantic travel. A technical feasibility study will be carried out before specific details can be unveiled, but Edie Rodriguez, CEO and President of Crystal Cruises says the ship could sail once again within the next two years.


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