Cruise Ship Narrowly Avoids Collision With Jet Skiers

Two jet skiers had a close encounter with a cruise ship in Port Canaveral on Saturday. 

Two women, who had fallen off their jet ski in the middle of the main shipping channel into Port Canaveral, were dramatically rescued by a harbour pilot, just seconds before the 130,000 GT Carnival Magic sailed inches alongside.

The dramatic rescue was captured on video by cruise ship passenger, Anthony Miglioranzi. 

According to the Canaveral Pilots Association, “one of the boaters fell off the water craft and when an attempt was made to re-board, the water craft flipped and both boaters ended up in the water in extremely close proximity to the bow of the ship now bearing down on their position.”

The pilot on the bridge of Carnival Magic noticed the overturned jet ski in the channel, and alerted the Sheriff’s Marine Unit patrol boat, which quickly approached the two women who were holding onto the underside of the jet ski.

Carnival Magic took evasive action to avoid the women as best possible, but as Carnival Magic continued to sail directly towards the pair in distress, Deputy Taner Primmer, who was operating the patrol boat, hauled both women aboard, before quickly rushing to steer the boat away from Carnival Magic, at this point just inches away. 

In the video, Miglioranzi can be heard asking, “did we run over the jet ski?”

“Yes, we definitely did,” confirmed another passenger. 

Thankfully there were no reported injuries, in what could have easily been a fatal incident, without the assistance of the harbour pilots.


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