Cruise Ship Hits Local River Thames Ferry

A passenger ferry operating on the River Thames had a narrow escape Wednesday evening after a cruise ship almost crushed it.

The local Tilbury to Gravesend ferry, Duchess M, was moored alongside at the Tilbury Landing Stage, along with Cruise & Maritime Voyages’ flagship Magellan.

As the cruise ship departed, a strong gust of wind resulted in Magellan passing the local ferry at a dangerously close distance, coming into contact with the ferry and trapping it in-between the ship and the landing stage.

A spokesperson for Cruise and Maritime Voyages said: “CMV confirms that the cruise ship Magellan, while departing from the Port of Tilbury at around 5pm on August 3, 2016, was affected by strong gust of wind with the result that the Magellan coming into very minor contact with a local ferry.

“CMV understands that no passengers were injured in this accident and that damage to the ferry is limited to superficial to the ferry’s paint.”

The Thurrock Council-operated ferry was suspended until safety checks were carried out. An investigation into the incident is taking place.


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