Why A Cruise Is The Best (And Possibly Cheapest) Way To Explore The UK


When you think of a cruise, you probably think of exotic far-flung destinations like the colourful Caribbean, Asia or the cultural Mediterranean, but have you ever considered a cruise much closer to home, like around the British Isles?

A typical round-Britain cruise is probably one of the best-value and stress-free ways of seeing a variety of UK destinations you probably would never even think of visiting by plane, train, or car. There are lots of remote, picturesque and historical sights just waiting to be discovered all around the British coastline, and a cruise is the perfect way to see them.

Let’s a take a look at one of Cruise & Maritime Voyages “Treasures of the British Isles” cruises. With fares (at time of writing) starting at £1,449 for two people, a ten-night sailing on Marco Polo next April from Bristol Avonmouth will take you to seven ports around UK shores.

First up is the colourful Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull, filming location for the BBC children’s show Balamory. You will then visit Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis; Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands; Rosyth, for Edinburgh; the medieval Honfleur in Northern France; Jersey in the Channel Islands; and finally the quaint and tropical climate of Tresco & St Mary’s in the Scilly Isles. Imagine the airfare costs alone getting to these remote places, some of which could be over £200 each, plus additional costs for hotels and the wasted time waiting at airports or transfers into the town. By the end of it all, you could be looking at a bill of £2,000 – and then there’s the added cost of food, and finding activities in the daytime, plus entertainment in the evening.

Imagine trying to see all those amazing places in ten days by car! By taking a cruise, there’s no arguing about who is going to be driving the hundreds of miles each day, having to pay the expensive fuel costs, car parking charges, and ferries that will transport your car onto the various remote islands. Simply turn up at the port, board the ship and relax, knowing that all your amazing food, entertainment and accommodation is sorted! For one less thing to worry about, consider purchasing Cruise & Maritime Voyages all-inclusive drinks package for just £17 per person, per day!

With British Isles itineraries departing from various regional UK ports, including Bristol Avonmouth, Liverpool, and Hull, Cruise & Maritime Voyages, popular for their traditional British cruising experience, are the perfect cruise line to discover hidden gems of the UK in comfort aboard their intimately sized fleet of ships.



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