Crew Member Dies After Rescue Boat Accident On Norwegian Breakaway

A crew member has died and three others are injured after a rescue boat fell from the Norwegian Breakaway.

The incident happened during a routine training exercise during the ships stay in Bermuda. According to the Royal Gazette, the 41-year-old male died after the rescue boat the crew were lowering broke from its tethering and plunged into the water.


All four crew members were rushed to a local hospital, suffering from leg and back problems. One crew member died from his injuries, while the other three crew members remain in hospital.

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“An incident occurred involving the ship’s rescue boat during a routine drill, affecting four crew members,” said a spokesperson for Norwegian Cruise Line. “The ship’s medical team provided immediate care on-board the vessel and the crew members were transported to the hospital for further treatment. The company is providing full support and care to the crew members involved and is working closely with the relevant authorities to investigate the incident.”

Norwegian Breakaway, which departed New York earlier this week on a 7-day cruise to Bermuda, is expected to depart the port tomorrow as originally scheduled.


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