Cockroaches And Hazardous Food Found On Two P&O Cruise Ships

Cockroaches and hazardous food preparation were found during recent Centers for Disease Control (CDC) visits aboard P&O Cruises’ Oceana and Oriana.

Oceana, which had scored at least 95 in every inspection since it entered service with P&O in 2002, failed the inspection with a score of 82, narrowly missing the pass rate of 85. Swimming pools and whirlpools were ordered to be closed after the inspection found inadequate levels of chlorine and bromine.

The inspection also found used utensils, such as thermometers and stirring rods, stored between uses in a metal cup of water in the Explorer’s Bar. The water was cloudy due to dairy product residue.

11 trays with some 300 sandwiches on were discarded, along with a tray of smoked Cheddar and Red Leicester cheese, due to their potentially hazardous temperature.

Oceana (P&O Cruises)

Oriana passed her inspection, scoring 90, despite three cockroaches being found under one of the grills in the galley, and several fruit flies observed in the buffet area.

A P&O Cruises spokeswoman said: “We are extremely disappointed in the result of this inspection and we immediately rectified the areas identified as needing attention.”



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