CMV Make U-Turn Decision And Keep Astoria In Fleet For 2018

The world’s oldest passenger cruise ship, Astoria, will survive to sail another season.

Despite announcing 2017 would be the ships ‘farewell season’, Cruise & Maritime Voyages will offer several sailings on the ship from London Tilbury in 2018.

In a statement, Chris Coates, Commercial Director at CMV, told Cruise Capital: “CMV had announced that Astoria’s charter beyond 2017 would not be renewed with 2017 being her farewell season. However due to strong demand and a new deal in place. I am pleased to inform you she will be returning to Tilbury in 2018 for a second springtime season of sailings with three exciting new itineraries including a wonderful two week grand Scottish Lochs, Glens and Islands cruise and a new Hidden Baltic Treasures voyage.”

Astoria will offer six itineraries with CMV in 2018. Starting with a six-night cruise to Amsterdam, Antwerp, Rouen, and Honfleur on March 8. 

The ship will also offer an eleven-night ‘Grand British Isles Discovery’ cruise and a nine-night ‘European Rivers, Canals & Cities’ itinerary, which includes a daytime transit of the Kiel Canal. Astoria will also offer nine-night cruises to Scotland, the Faroes and the Baltic. 

Her final sailing of 2018 with Cruise & Maritime Voyages, will be on April 21, when she departs on a 14-night ‘Scottish Lochs, Glens, Islands & Ireland’ cruise.

It is then expected that the ship will offer a summer season with French operator, Rivages du Monde.

New for 2018, Marco Polo will offer five sailings from Harwich, including a 21-night ‘Arctic & Greenland Expedition’ voyage, and multiple mini-cruises to and from Hull, London Tilbury, and Cardiff.

For the first time, Magellan will offer cruises from the Port of Bristol. Itinerary highlights include a 15-night ‘Canary Islands & Madeira’ cruise, a 15-night ‘Mediterranean Odyssey’ and a 16-night ‘Baltic Cities & St Petersburg’ cruise.

Columbus will offer 23 sailings from Tilbury in 2018.

Magellan will offer 16 sailings from Tilbury in 2018, seven sailings from Bristol Port, Liverpool, and Dublin, eight cruises from Newcastle, six from Dundee, and four from Cobh in Ireland. 

Marco Polo will offer seven sailings from London Tilbury and Hull, five from Bristol Avonmouth and Harwich, and four from Cardiff.

Unlike 2017, Cruise & Maritime Voyages will not offer any sailings from Newport or Belfast. 

Cruise & Maritime Voyages operate adult-only ships, but 2018 will see the cruise line offer eight cruises during the school holidays where children will be allowed to travel. Children’s fares start from just £99. 

Cruise & Maritime Voyages’ 2018 itineraries will be released on February 27 for Columbus Club members, and March 1 for general release. Cruise fares will be buy one get one free until May 31, 2017. 


  1. it seems that their are a few golden oldies that are being saved – ST Helena was earmarked to continue sailing as was the Marco Polo glad to see the Astoria is added to the list The Doulos is in fact the oldest ship around – last I heard she was being converted from a Missionary Ship to a floating Hotel she was built as the Medina 1914 became the Roma – then the Franca C as a cruise ship and finally Doulos Missionary ship of course open to correction

  2. It’s certainly great to see these classic ships saved for a few more years. Astoria is the oldest passenger cruise ship still in active service. Sea Cloud (1931) could be considered older, however I don’t feel she qualifies as being a cruise ship, as she’s more of a sailing ship.


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