Celebrity Edge Takes Cruising To A Whole New Level

I don’t think I’ve been quite so excited by a new ship unveiling since Royal Caribbean revealed its ground-breaking Oasis- and Quantum-class ships several years ago. There are over 80 cruise ships currently slated to be built over the next 10 years, but can they really get any more impressive than this?

This is Celebrity Edge. 117,000 GT, 2,900 passengers, and due to begin sailing to the Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in December 2018.

While Royal Caribbean International’s previous new-builds have certainly been innovative – featuring bumper cars, zip-lines, and a carousel, to name but just a few – I feel with Celebrity’s latest unveiling, we’ve truly just witnessed the future of cruise ship design.

Richard Fain, the Chairman and CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, the parent company of Celebrity Cruises, went into great detail to explain the revolutionary process that went into the design of the new ship. He began with a history into cruise ship accommodation, and outlined some of the setbacks that cruise lines face when designing new ships, such as the placement of steel supports and balconies – that is, until now…

Staterooms have no balcony as such. The innovative staterooms have been designed to bring the outdoors indoors, and the indoors outside. Celebrity Edge’s staterooms will be 23 percent larger than Celebrity’s previous, yet still very spacious staterooms aboard its Solstice-class ships. Bathrooms will be considerably larger too, and Kelly Hoppen, a UK interior designer and former Dragon on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, has helped design the stylish new accommodations aboard Celebrity Edge. 


One of the key focus points about Edge is to reaffirm guests affinity with the sea. Fain pointed out how cruise lines had continued to look inwards, rather than outwards.

Watch the unveiling of Celebrity Edge here…

One of the most striking features about Celebrity Edge is the appropriately named Magic Carpet. This giant platform – the size of a tennis court – will travel alongside the outside of the ship between several decks. As the name suggests, this diverse platform will have several uses depending on which deck it stops at. When its hovering just above the waterline on Deck 2, it will become a luxury tender embarkation platform used to get guests ashore on tender boats. On Decks 5 and 16, the platform will transform into an alfresco dining experience seating 90 diners. When it elevates to Deck 14, the Magic Carpet will be an extension of the pool deck.

On the top deck, a Rooftop Garden will be a relaxing haven where guests can surround themselves with real foliage, watch a film on the outdoor movie screen, or even catch an impromptu performance from musicians playing from the treetops! 

There’s still plenty of features still to be announced by Celebrity Cruises. We’ve had a glimpse at what we can expect, and I can’t wait to find out more!


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