Braemar Rescues Sailing Boat In Atlantic

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ Braemar took part in a dramatic rescue operation as the ship was sailing from Tenerife to Barbados during a Christmas cruise.

The 920-passenger ship came to the aid of a sailing yacht marooned in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

The 14-metre Nicollet had two Polish crew onboard, and two Polish passengers, who had been adrift for nearly three days, as they attempted to sail from the Canary Islands to Dominica.

The Officer of the Watch on Braemar spotted the yacht on the radar, ten Nautical Miles from the ship.

Braemar‘s Officer of the Watch contacted the Nicollet to make sure that everything was in order, since the yacht was drifting and no sails were hoisted. The yacht confirmed that the steering gear was broken and the sea anchor had been deployed.

Braemar rescued the two passengers, but the two crew members insisted on staying on the ship and asked for supplies so that repairs could be made.

Braemar delivered a supply of wood, a hacksaw, two wooden oars and a box of water to the two crew members remaining aboard the stricken Nicollet – although the sailing yacht was equipped with enough food and water to last up to three weeks.

Captain Robert Bamberg, Master of Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ Braemar, said:

“The sea conditions at the scene were very challenging, with three to five metres of swell, so in order to be able to carry out a rescue operation in such circumstances, everyone must know exactly what to do.

“Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is proud to have a very robust safety culture and procedures in place across its fleet, and my Officers and crew showed true professionalism and knowledge while carrying out this rescue operation. We regularly conduct safety drills and practices, but it was great to see such team work, spirit and determination implemented so successfully in a real-life situation.‎”

Following the rescue and subsequent repairs, the Nicollet was able to continue her voyage to Dominica. It is expected that the two passengers from the Nicollet will remain on board Braemar until Dominica, where they will rejoin the repaired yacht.


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