AIDAprima Lights Up Hamburg In Spectacular Naming Ceremony

Image: AIDA/Jan Schugart

AIDA Cruises’ brand new cruise ship, AIDAprima, has officially been named during the “827th HAMBURG PORT ANNIVERSARY” ceremony in Hamburg.

AIDAprima‘s 13-year-old godmother and actress, Emma Schweiger, looked overwhelmed by the spectacular ceremony, which saw an estimated 1.6 million people lined along the Elbe, as well as those viewing the ceremony on TV, Facebook and on AIDA’s ten other cruise ships.

Following the naming, a music and light show accompanied an impressive fireworks display, which also saw fleet-mate AIDAaura light up the sky.

AIDAprima will operate year-round from Hamburg on seven-night cruises which visit some of Northern Europe’s most exciting cities, such as London (Southampton), Paris (Le Havre), Brussels (Zeebrugge) and Amsterdam (Rotterdam).



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