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Cruise Capital at a glance

  • What it is: Created in February 2014 and officially launched in September 2014, Cruise Capital is designed to be a hub of information for cruise travellers. The website not only features the latest cruise industry news, but also interesting features, destination tips and our own personal cruise and ship reviews.
  • Who it’s for: Cruise Capital is a consumer focused website offering the latest news, features and reviews to the experienced cruise passenger. For our visitors, a cruise is more than just a holiday, it’s a passion and a way of life. Cruise Capital is helping to inspire the next generation of cruise travellers. Our group of young writers offer a unique perspective on the cruise industry, which several other websites and newspapers fail to deliver.
  • How it’s different: Cruise Capital is among a handful of UK based cruise news websites and being based in Southampton, the ‘Cruise Capital’ of the United Kingdom, we have a great advantage when it comes to visiting ships, and providing original content. The majority of photography we use on the website and in articles have been taken by our editor, Jordan.

About The Editor...

Jordan Bailey - read latest articles

Jordan Bailey is 21 and currently resides in Southampton, England. He is currently studying in his second year of a Journalism degree at Southampton Solent University. He was born in Leicester on February 10, 1996, and lived in the East Midlands until the age of 10. In late 2006, he moved to a small market town in the East Riding of Yorkshire. He moved to Southampton in 2014 to begin studying at Solent University.

Jordan took his first cruise aboard Royal Caribbean International's Independence of the Seas in 2009. This was when he fell in love with cruising, and now Jordan has been on over 60 cruises! 

So far, Jordan has been on 64 cruises, sailed with 14 different cruise lines, on 36 different ships, to 88 different destinations, and has spent a total of 289 days aboard a cruise ship, somewhere in the world!

Other Writers...

Anthony Marshall - read latest articles

Anthony has been passionate about cruising since he was 8 years old. In the 20 years since taking an interest in the industry, Anthony has amassed over 35 cruises and keenly takes an active interest in daily cruise news. Anthony studied Cruise Industry Management at Southampton Solent University and has previously worked for Planet Cruise, Celebrity Cruises, and Carnival UK.


Harry Cotterill - read latest articles

Harry has always had a passion for ships and started drawing and visiting them whilst at school. As Chairman & Artist of his own website, Cruise Cotterilll, he is responsible for producing the countless detailed drawings featured on his website and is very proud to have had them presented aboard so many ships.