7 Essential Cruise Products

Berlitz Guide To Cruising


The Berlitz Guide To Cruising is considered the ‘Cruise Bible’ among cruisers. This detailed guidebook lists all the cruise lines and cruise ships in service today, onboard features, and a small review of each ship. It’s the perfect way to learn about all the different cruise ships, especially for inspiration when booking your next cruise!

Worldwide Travel Adapter

Remembering to pack the correct travel adapters will be a thing of the past with this handy worldwide travel adapter! At the flick of a switch you can plug your devices into any of the US, EU, UK or AU outlets found onboard cruise ships.

Phone Power Charger

You may enjoy switching your phone off for the duration of your cruise, but if you plan on sharing plenty of photos, live videos and social media updates during your cruise and in the destinations you visit, this mobile phone power bank will give your phone that extra juice to last you through the day.

Cruise Card Phone Holder

Forget having to search your wallet, or handbag for your cruise card. This rubber pouch is a handy place to slip your cruise card into when roaming around the ship or in port. Simply peel off the back and stick it onto your phone case. You could even try folding up the daily cruise planner and popping it in, so you have easy access to all the events going on around the ship!

Phone/GoPro Tripod

This is a great gadget for filming with your phone, or taking perfect family photos. The flexible legs mean you can securely attach it to handrails – great for filming from your balcony!

Wall Magnets

Did you know that most cruise ship stateroom walls and doors are magnetic? Why not attach shore excursion tickets or daily cruise planners to the walls, freeing up space on the dressing table!

Laundry Pouches

Conveniently separate his and hers clothes, clean and dirty laundry, or day and evening wear, with these handy laundry pouches!




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