3 Things To Do On Embarkation Day

You’ve arrived at the port, checked in and are walking along the gangway about to scan your cruise card and board your cruise ship. Congratulations, you’re officially on holiday! But what are the first things you should do when you get onboard?


It’s usually lunchtime when you first board the ship, so its common for most people to head straight to the buffet. As a result, the buffet is always the busiest during lunch time on embarkation day and at breakfast on disembarkation day. Instead of joining the hoards of people in the buffet, why not check out one of the quieter cafes or dining venues, most people are still yet to discover? Of course food outlets vary depending on cruise line and ship, but nearly all cruise ships have an alternative to the buffet.


Find your stateroom

No doubt you’ll have some luggage with you that you carried onto the ship, whether that be a backpack, handbag, or suitcase. It’s best to get rid of these as soon as possible, so you’re free to explore the ship. Make sure you have your camera ready, so you can take photos of your stateroom to share with friends back at home, while it is still in pristine condition. Take a quick look around your new home away from home, but no need to unpack straight away, there’s exploring to do…


Explore the ship

You can now start to relax a little. Take time to familiarise yourself with the venues onboard, locate your dining table, and discover embarkation day specials or reservations at the Spa and Shore Excursion Desk. No need to see and do everything on the first day, but its wise to check out the most important spots straight away, like the restaurant, theatre, pool area, and bars. If you’re only doing a short cruise on a ship that has plenty of activities, such as Royal Caribbean’s Quantum-class for example, it might be worth trying a few of the activities now, while its quiet and most people are still yet to board, as later on in the cruise, demand will likely be high (we found that to be the case on Anthem of the Seas during a three-night cruise in October 2015).



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