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3 Of The Most Bizarre Travel Laws

We’ve all heard people talk about holidays from hell, but it’s very rare that something will actually go wrong on your holiday. We researched three of the most bizarre laws, from some of the most popular travel destinations, so that your next cruise vacation doesn’t end in jail!

Wearing high heels in ancient Greece

The Parthenon is a must see attraction when travelling to Greece. However be warned, if you are wearing high heels, you’ll be denied access, in order to protect the ancient site.

Feeding the pigeons in Venice

Visit St Mark’s Square in Venice and you’ll see hundreds of pigeons, and many vendors trying to sell you bird feed. Be warned, if you feed them, you could find yourself in a much smaller square – a cell!

Wearing swimwear off the beach in Barcelona

Had enough of the beach in Barcelona and fancy a stroll along Las Ramblas? Make sure you cover up your swimming costume once you’ve left the sand, as things could get rather Messi!
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Jordan Bailey
21-year-old travel journalist, Jordan, has been reporting on cruise news since 2011. Since taking his first voyage on board Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas in 2009, Jordan has now been on over 50 cruises. He currently studies Journalism at Southampton Solent University.
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