10 Things Only Cruise Fans Will Understand

1: When you hear someone say “boat” instead of “ship”

This is probably the most common mistake people make when talking about a cruise ship and its one of the most annoying things to hear being a cruise fan. A boat is a small vessel, usually no bigger than a fishing trawler. A ship is anything bigger. Remember, a ship can carry a boat, but a boat cannot carry a ship.

2: Travelling in an elevator from the bottom to the top of the ship without stopping once

There’s a bizzare sense of joy and satisfaction about riding an elevator from the bottom of the ship straight to the top without it stopping once for passengers to get in!

3: Getting up early for a shore excursion

There’s nothing pleasant about a shore excursion that leaves at 7am.

4: Ordering steak each night 

Without prices next to each menu item, there’s no restrictions on what to choose!

5: When people come into the theatre 10 minutes after the show has started

You always get at least one person turn up to the theatre late. You then do the ‘leg twist’ so they can sit in those most awkward to get to seats right in the middle of the entire row, interrupting the entire row and the performers on stage.

6: When you see someone not using the hand sanitisers

No matter how many hand sanitisers or wash basins are located around the ship, you will always see several people ignore them, despite the constant reminders about norovirus.

7: When you look at your onboard account statement

With everything, such as drinks, shopping and gratuities, being paid for on our cruise cards, it’s easy to forget just how quick onboard charges add up – until you get that shock on disembarkation day!

8: How it feels when you open your balcony door at sea

Most cruisers have experienced that howling gale blow through the cabin, when you begin to open the balcony door!

9: When someone thinks cruising is only for old people

There’s nothing worse than when people have misconceptions about cruises being for old people. They couldn’t be more wrong! Cruise holidays are probably one of the most diverse in the travel industry. On the majority of cruise lines, there is something suitable for all ages, whether that’s a four-year-old or an eighty-four-year-old! On the other hand, there are still some cruise lines which do cater for an older clientele, but that also applies to any other type of holiday too.

10: You acknowledge that this is the greatest bartender at sea…

If you know a thing or two about cruises, then you’ll probably recognise this bartender – although probably not as a Minion! Ted was the lovable bartender in the popular 1970s TV series, “The Love Boat”, set onboard Princess Cruises’ Pacific Princess cruise ship.  The TV series played a major part in showcasing the appeal of cruise holidays to the masses.


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